Starry Blenny in the Spotlight

Starry blenny, Salarias ramosus

The starry blenny is a type of combtooth blenny, which have comb-like teeth lining their jaws. Coombtooth blennies are the largest of blennies and are found in tropical and subtropical waters and freshwater habitats. The starry blenny spends most of its time flitting from rock to rock as it looks for algae to feed upon.

Lembeh Strait, North-east Sulawesi, Indonesia

Canon EOS 7D Mk II, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM, 1/250, f/11, ISO 200, Inon Z240 strobe, handheld, subject was backlit with a narrow beam of light produced by a Retra Pro light-shaping device fitted to the strobe

by Ross Gudgeon