Milky Way


Although this shot took some planning, including watching the weather and the moon phases, I could never have predicted the surreal colour in the night sky. In the dead of night the camera picks up more than the eye can physically see, including the millions of stars and light from the far-off town of Menindee, creating the illusion of a sunrise or sunset.
Menindee Lakes, Menindee, New South Wales
Nikon D800, Nikon 14–24mm lens at 14mm, 30 seconds, f2.8, ISO 3200, tripod and cable release; the image is made up of seven images stitched together; additional light was painted on the trees in the foreground using two torches and coloured gels within each frame that was taken; the overall colour hue in the image is light pollution – no filters were used

by Julie Fletcher, South Australia